Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We need to acknowledge a sister project with very similar goals.

I confessed the Biggest Lie!

First let me clarify: the similar logo of this project is a coincidence!  Apologies for any confusion.  The BiggestLie logo is a great one, and I'm jealous.

The first goal of the Youluh project is to bring the power of the crowd to bear on the problem of reading EULAs; even if most EULAs were written in everyday language, we encounter EULAs so frequently that it would be impossible for an individual to read them all.  So the Youluh service will distribute the problem, filter out the redundancy, and provide an instant report card on every EULA we submit to the service.  The quality of the report card will depend on what the crowd does with the platform, but at very least you will have joined a group of concerned consumers, and taken a step toward knowing what you're agreeing to.

A longer term goal of the service is that the platform will give some power to consumers to influence the EULAs and push back on the bad ones.  It may seem like the businesses who foist bad EULAs on us have no respect for individual users, but I think it's safe to say that they respect very large groups of their customers acting in concert, and they will make reasonable accommodations to avoid alienating large groups of customers... especially if there's a competitor with a friendlier agreement.

The project CommonTerms (and associated BiggestLie.com) has very similar goals: to surface the hypocrisy of the situation, give voice to the consumers who want the hypocrisy to end, and then to provide a tool that makes EULAs readable, so we can reasonably read each one before accepting it.  Please visit and show your support there.  A readable EULA preview is even better than the Youluh report card.

A few words on why Youluh uses the crossed fingers imagery, it derives from the name of the company we made to run the service, Double Crossroads LLC.

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